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I’m a scientist at heart, and friends are always sending me snail mail, emails, and points to websites praising some product that purports to increase one’s energy, improve one’s health, lose weight, and possibly live longer. The question always asked is ‘What do you think of this?”, “Does it work?” or “How does this work?”. The question that started this adventure was, “What do you know about molecular hydrogen water supplements?”. My first answer was “Nothing” and that was the start of the adventure.

I’m an organic chemist and environmental scientist by education, physicist, and farmer by employment. I’m not easily fooled. I’m also not impressed by hyperbolic words like “Amazing”, “Shocking Results”, “Get unbelievable results” – I’ll stop at the unbelievable. I’ll also pass on the “Secret that no one wants me to know”. I’m bad with secrets; tell me, and everyone will know.

I’ve seen products that couldn’t possibly work without violating a law of physics; or did work, but not in the way they thought. Hydrogen was easy. It’s the high school science experiment – place a magnesium piece in a beaker of acid, and you generate Hydrogen. Similarly, drop a tablet containing magnesium nanoparticles and tartaric acid (cream of tartar) in water, and you generate Hydrogen too. The “how it works” is explained. So far, so good.

When searching the literature, what I found shocked me – and there is just no other word I can use here. There were hundreds of peer-reviewed papers showing molecular Hydrogen to be effective in treating hundreds of conditions. Where has this been? Is this a secret no one is supposed to know? The reason became more apparent when I noticed all of the papers were published after 2007, 99% of them originated in China or Japan, and were published in obscure journals like Medical Gas Research. Still, neither of these can adequately explain why.

A table of the categories studied in 321 original articles on clinical uses of molecular hydrogen

There is one surprise I didn’t expect, but in retrospect, I should have. but It’s something that still baffles me. I’ll share this discovery as a challenge. It’s simple. Ask your physician, disease specialist, nurse, your pharmacist; ask anyone in the healthcare industry – ask anyone on the street. Ask them if they have ever heard of using Hydrogen in any medical treatment. In my personal experience, the answer has always been “No” – and I’ve been asking that question for over a year. Ask someone intimately involved in treating COVID-19 patients if they know molecular Hydrogen is being used in China to treat seriously ill COVID-19 patients – keeping them off ventilators. Same answer. Beyond the surprise, again, it’s the mystery – why? In China, there are departments of hydrogen therapy in hospitals and medical schools. Rhinoceros horn aphrodisiacs, shark fin soups are rightly abhorrent. But hydrogen is the most common atom in the universe. I have no problem here.

So, why are there so many Hydrogen posts here? We maintain an information source for those professionals we have spoken to, and those they have spoken to, and so on. We search for the papers published in the more obscure journals and aggregate them. We also maintain a larger list of all clinical studies plus two selective lists for COVID-19 and sports. For you, there are two, very readable, peer-reviewed papers with ‘big picture’ overviews.(1,2)

I’ll get off the soapbox. As I said, I’m a scientist. I want evidence. With hydrogen and hydrogen water, it’s there in spades. I and all of my friends are converts. To be honest, we are feeling the positive effects in our bodies every day. I’ve had one doctor say it’s in my head, it’s a placebo – until he looked down and saw the changes in my latest bloodwork. All of us could go on with similar stories, some may be believable, some not. But here is no better proof than for you to write your own story.

I’ll put on a marketing hat for a moment and recommend a product – the one we use, “DrinkHRW’s Rejuvenation Tablets”. Scientist me have researched just about every hydrogen-producing product on the market and tested several. DrinkHRW’s products are superior in every way. Essential to me, there is documented proof for every claim. Their products are tested for purity and certified by athletic organizations to be free of any banned substances. And their tablets create more usable hydrogen.

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(1) Molecular hydrogen: a preventive and therapeutic medical gas for various diseases, Li Ge, Ming Yang, Na-Na Yang, Xin-Xin Yin, and Wen-Gang Song, Oncotarget, 2017, Vol. 8, (No. 60), pp: 102653-102673

(2) Beneficial biological effects and the underlying mechanisms of molecular hydrogen – comprehensive review of 321 original articles, Masatoshi Ichihara, Sayaka Sobue, Mikako Ito, Masafumi Ito, Masaaki Hirayama, and Kinji Ohno, Medical Gas Researchvolume 5, Article number: 12 (2015) 5:12 DOI 10.1186/s13618-015-0035-1

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