Relationship between the ABO Blood Group and COVID-19 Susceptibility

The susceptibility to acquiring COVID-19 and the severity of the progression of the disease are similarly correlated with blood types.     Type A  ==  When compared to Type B,  Individuals with Type A blood type are 33% more succeptable to acquiring COVID-19 and those with the disease have a 33% higher severity.  
Typa B  ==  Baseline 
Type O  == When compared to those with Type B,  People having a Type O blood type are 33% less susceptible to acquiring COVID-19 and the progression of the disease is 33% less severe.  

A pre-publication of a paper by Chinese researchers. The research looked good.  Since China tested everybody, their numbers for % acquiring should be good.  How the outcome severity was determined will always be subjective but there are pretty good markers.  Didn’t need hospitalization/ needed hospitalization/ needed respirator/ died.   


Another Correlation
NSAID drugs – ibuprofen)
[3/19/2020] FDA is aware of news reports stating the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as ibuprofen, could worsen coronavirus disease (COVID-19). These news reports followed a March 11, 2020 letter in The Lancet medical journalExternal Link Disclaimer, which hypothesized that an enzyme (a molecule that aids a biochemical reaction in the body) is increased by NSAIDs and could aggravate COVID-19 symptoms.

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