Secret Service guarding Jared and Ivanka had to go down the street to use a toilet at the Obama’s house

The Kushner’s new Miami neighbors have sought to return the kindness by telling them they cannot use the toilets at the nearby Indian Creek Country Club.

The United States Secret Service agents assigned to guard first daughter Ivanka Trump and husband Jared Kushner were forced to use a $3,000-per-month rental toilet after the couple barred them from using any of the six bathrooms in their house.

The Washington Post reports that Secret Service agents were strictly forbidden from using any of the toilets in Jared and Ivanka’s house located in the elite Kalorama neighborhood in Washington D.C.

This forced agents to find creative ways to properly relieve themselves, including trips to former President Barack Obama’s house, which is located in the same neighborhood, as well as renting a porta-potty.

The agents finally found a permanent restroom when the government spent $3,000 a month to rent out a basement studio from one of Jared and Ivanka’s neighbors.

Full Story at, by Brad Reed January 14, 2021

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