A violent attempt to over-through the U.S. government is inevitable

Pro-Trump protesters rally for a coup: “We’re not going anywhere”

Trump’s rhetoric is emboldening his supporters — and solidifying their support. … But Trump appears unconcerned about the damage he’s doing to the country. “WE HAVE JUST BEGUN TO FIGHT!!!” he tweeted Saturday.

The events in Washington, DC, featured not just Proud Boys and grassroots activists, but an eclectic parade of well-known Trump allies, conspiracy theorists, and grifters, all of whom echoed Trump’s efforts to spread disinformation, encouraged the crowd to continue to reject the results of the election, and made their loyalty to Trump plain.

Recently pardoned former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn told the crowd how important it was to let Trump know “that we love him.” And MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell MyPillow guy, ends his speech by claiming we’re living in “the end times” but “that’s a good thing. Jesus loves you all.”

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