Introduction to Molecular Hydrogen

Research into therapeutic uses of molecular hydrogen started in earnest in 2007. Since that time, hundreds of papers in practically every field of study have been published. This rush to study was due in part to the discovery of molecular hydrogen’s ability to reduce oxidative stress. Our cells rely on the mitochondria in their bodies to produce the fuel they use. However, in the process, mitochondrial produce a waste product, that’s toxic to the cell. This is oxidative stress. Molecular hydrogen is extremely small compared to the other molecules, and easily passes through in a cell It’s the waste products produced within a cell. It’s the trash. Molecular hydrogen “takes out the trash”.

What is Oxidative Stress?

Researchers found molecular ability to act on all cells meant it could affect all organs. The comprehensiveness of its effect is shown in Beneficial biological effects and the underlying mechanisms of molecular hydrogen. Despite the research volume, if you ask a medical professional in the U.S. about hydrogen uses, you will get a blank stare; they will not know what you are talking about. The newness of the research area can explain some of it, but the disparity between the amount of hydrogen research done by U.S. researchers and those from other countries is staggering. Ninety-Nine percent of all hydrogen medical research comes from China and Japan. (see Molecular Hydrogen – Clinical Studies here.)Those countries have medical departments dedicated to therapeutic applications of hydrogen. The Chinese actively explore hydrogen as a treatment for COVID-19 – with successful results, I might add. A paper published in June of last year shows evidence of hydrogen’s ability to halt or even reverse the disease’s progression in seriously ill patients. The specific action of hydrogen therapy was to improve lung functionality and oxygen utilization.

The conclusions of this report are significant for another reason. Tablets to produce hydrogen saturated water are sold as a supplement would most likely be effective in reducing the severity of active disease in victims not requiring hospitalization. Likewise, speed post-COVID-19 recovery and mitigate the long-term recovery of COVID-19 long-haulers. More importantly, hydrogen saturated water is extremely safe. Molecular hydrogen has been used as a diving gas since the early 40s.

See Molecular Hydrogen and COVID-19

Athletes have also embraced molecular hydrogen as a tool to improve performance, speed injury healing, and treat mild traumatic brain injury. DrinkHRW’s tablets are certified to be absent of substances banned by the sporting industry. Japan 2021 Olympics has selected its approved vendor to supply hydrogen water to its athletes.

To see a list of the studies made on sports topics, see Molecular Hydrogen and Sports


Molecular hydrogen has been used as a diving gas since 1940. There is no known toxicity level, and no medical study has shown hydrogen to have any harmful effect on participants. Yes, we all know about the Hindenburg, and yes, it can explode. However, molecular hydrogen supplements produce hydrogen in hydrogen saturated water and maintain atmospheric hydrogen levels below the 4% or greater hydrogen concentration needed to create an explosive mixture.

Making Hydrogen Water

There are several ways to produce hydrogen water, but for brevity, let me say – only use molecular hydrogen tablets. I will discuss the reasons at another time but for now, trust me. The tables ARE NOT SWALLOWED. They are actually a clever implementation of the high school science experiment where a magnesium metal is dropped in a beaker of acid. It produces hydrogen gas which the teacher dramatically lights with an open flame. Poof!

The tablets contain nanoparticles of magnesium metal combined with tartaric acid (found in the kitchen as Cream of Tarter). When a tablet is dropped into a glass or bottle containing 16 oz. of water, the acid reacts with the metal to produce nano-bubbles of hydrogen gas. (Nano-bubbles are one of the reasons tablets are preferred. They produce a higher concentration of hydrogen.) When dissolved, drink the entire glass.

See H2 How 2 for detailed instructions.

Purchasing DrinkHRW Products:

On the Farm, we use DrinkHRW’s product line. Their products are research-based, and study results are available. DrinkHRW’s products were developed by the team that did the first research in creating high-performance tablets, Alex Tarnava and Dr. Richard Holland; manufactured with high purity ingredients; and certified not to possess substances banned by international sporting organizations. We, ourselves, have tested the hydrogen levels to verify their high hydrogen concentration.

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