Dashboard for John Hopkins University data

I’m not trying to make this a daily thing, it’s a reflex action when I have reasons to doubt accuracy or misuse.   Yesterday, I started looking for the data used in this screenshot. (Rachael Maddow Show)  And yes, that is the U.S. at the top right.  Of course the countries that managed to get their shit together are in the lower right.   Look away from the numbers.  Italy’s population is 62 million and ours is 327, Italy just ran out of people willing to compete. We demonstrate our superioity with speed.  Also, don’t believe the china data; I found the actual numbers.  We are 1/2 way from becoming the true #1.   But under the masterful leadership of our President we will most certainly win. True to his promise, we are winning so much that we are getting tired of winning.  


Below are two dashboards sourcing data from John Hopkins University.  It’s platformed on ARCGIS’ geolocating database.   Beautiful design; easy data access; depressing information