We are definitely going to pay a price.

Forgive me for making this a little long.  Let’s say I was ‘in-a-mood.’  But there is also a lot happening.  Based on the current situation, the death total is expected to reach 200,000 by September.  Dr. Fauci is worried about the BLM protesters. The national daily count of new Covid-19 cases is rapidly increasing.  The ‘government’ says there will be no repeat of closing down America. The ‘snowbirds’ in Florida are returning home to Connecticut.   
The BLM demonstrations have created a moment in time when positive changes are possible. It has also exposed many of the participants to mortal danger. The participants see the movement is at a critical point and needs strong support and the need for that support outweighs any concern for contracting Covid-19.  It’s unfortunate that making this decision has forced others outside the movement to accept that same risk.  Wearing a mask is more to protect others, not themselves.
New England: NewEnglander’s taking personal responsibility for protecting themselves, their families, and others, has allowed the easing into Stage 1 openings. NY, CT, and MA have in place active contact tracing programs along with increased testing. New England’s efforts are sure to impress the thousands of residents returning from Florida and elsewhere. 
USA:FOI requests have been somewhat successful in getting FEMA’s preparedness reports. At this very moment, protective clothing is in short supply, and there is still no US-based manufacturer of nitrile gloves. 
Georgia:Despite Gov Kemp’s STRONG suggestion that residents use masks, few have chosen to do so.  Yesterday, he announced that masks need not be worn in restaurants.   
Houston:Following a massive increase in Covid-19 hospitalizations, Houston’s Mayor is suggesting  ‘stay-at-home’ orders may be reinstated. Texas’s Republican Governor reiterated his order to open up the State supersedes any made by the cities and  ‘stay-at-home’ restrictions will not return. Arizona:Arizona has triggered their emergency response plan as hospital admissions are approaching their maximum capacity.
Tulsa:Today, Tulsa reported their highest single-day increase in Covid-19 cases. Oklahoma has had few restrictions on either activities or personal protection requirements.  President Trump, believing masks hide the looks of adoration on his followers’ faces, is taking advantage of Oklahoma’s lack of a mask mandate by scheduling his next rally in Tulsa on June 19th.   As protection from the coronavirus, Trump requires every attendee to personally sign an agreement releasing him from any liability if they contract Covid-19 after attending.    
June 19th is also a day of celebration in Oklahoma; on that date, the news of emancipation reached the State.  An annual Juneteenth festival celebrates the even but due of the coronavirus, the festival organizers have rescheduled it for 2021.  June 19th is also 21 days after the day in 1921 when a white mob attacked residents, homes, and businesses in Tulsa’s predominately black neighborhood. Hundreds died, and thousands of homes destroyed.  
Yesterday, Mike Pense (the head of the US’s coronavirus task force) met with the Trump-Pense 2020 reelection team to celebrate winning the battle with SARS-CoV-2. He memorialized the celebration by tweeting a picture of the group without masks.  Sadly, the celebration was short-lived as Pense’s quickly deleted the tweet, suggesting to many that the release preempted an expected announcement by President Trump on June 19th.  The declaration is not a surprise; the CDC’s noticeable absence from recent press conferences hinted such a report was imminent.  Trump the showman, is sure to think a picture of him surrounded by thousands of fans throwing their masks into the air in celebration will surely boost the President’s reelection chances.  
A thousand words follow.  


Stay Safe