Trump’s (U.S Government) Media Empire

President Trump has been slowly seizing control of any government organization tasked with creating or distributing news or information. He has put his loyalists in control of the Voice of America and the US Postal service. With the presence of a cable news channel that gives him media access, unfettered by fact-checks and editorially unchallenged. President Trump is becoming capable of controlling America’s access to information needed for Congressional oversight and decreasing the transparency to his personal and Presidential activities. 

Voice of America

Trump’s (U.S Government) Media Empire the people of the world, VOA is the voice of truth. It exposes what other nations try to hide. It gives a voice to those that can’t speak for fear of retribution. It tells of a world that others are not allowed to see. A silent VOA will let the voices totalitarian leaders be the sole voice.

President Trump has now installed Michael Park, ‘his guy’ and head of Breitbart, as the head of the Voice of America. Mr. Park is a former colleague of Steve Bannon. Mr. Park immediately dissolves VOA’S bipartisan advisory board, fired top executives, and the regional managers,(knowledge experts) for the regional programs. Parks installed Trump’s loyalist in upper management positions and announced he would oversee the regional programs. 

The Seattle Times editorial “The VOA becomes the Voice Of Trump” presents the bigger picture.

The United State’s Postal Service 

President Trump recently put xxxx in charge of the USPS. His first action was to remove the existing management and unilaterally dictate policy, which included.

  • Stopping the procedure of adding additional trucks if the volume of mail exceeds the capacity of one. 
  • Stating First Class mail does not have priority and can be left behind. 
  • Stopped the expedited handling of Electoral mail (mail-in ballots), including logging its movement. 
  • Election mail, although expedited, was charged bulk mail postage rates. Under new directives, election mail will only have priority status if sent at first-class rates. Otherwise, it is treated as bulk mail with no delivery guarantee.

Fox News Cable Channel aka Trump TV

A news source with a larger audience than any other news station presents Trump’s political views, unchallenged. Trump recently complained they aren’t helping him get re-elected. 

“Trump says Fox News is ‘doing nothing to help Republicans’ get reelected.”

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