The Best COVID-19 Data website

As everyone probably knows, I try to research any stories or facts I may send out.  Before doing so, I will cross check with same story from other sources 

The process usually starts by with my finding an interesting article in a magazine, newspaper, or website. Before I’ll repeat the story, I’ll either cross check facts with articles from other sources or, if it’s a scientific publication, find the I also use several fact-check websites. There have one or two occasions when facts from a ‘conspiracy’ story have end up in an article.  If multiple sources verify the facts, I’ll reference the better written story and publish the link.  Sometimes I select out a quote from that article.    the story story from the best written source article  If it’s a story based on the findings of a scientific paper, in many cases, the article itself will point me to the research publication, but if not, there are usually plenty of clues in the article.  Normally, such publications would be behind ‘paywalls’ but all SARS-CoV-2 research is public facing for easy access by healthcare professionals.   If I can drill down to that levelthe pandemic Peer reviewed scientific publication  I track down the original source, a peer reviewed publication I’ve found this to be one the best State COVID-19 tracking websites on the Internet.  There is an attempt to keep the data up to date and it archives prior reports.  Data can also be downloaded.  Possibly its best feature is their external links to the State’s data sources   CT’s links go directly to the States own report page where one can find more detailed data. The State’s data is broken down by subcategories such as elderly care facilities and the like.

I should note that there are many websites reporting different numbers for the total number of positive results.