Scientists are saying your mother knew best and Trump got one right

Something Your Mother Could Have Told Them

SALTWATER gargling may fight Covid-19

Scientists are studying the effect of gargling saltwater on Covid-19 outcomes.  The idea for the study came from ongoing research into upper respiratory infections — which commonly cause coughs and colds.

People with those illnesses were found to benefit from gargling regularly with saltwater in a trial dubbed ELVIS (Edinburgh and Lothians Viral Intervention Study).

Results from the ELVIS trial, published last year, found people who gargled saline had less severe coughs, less congestion, and colds that lasted two days less, on average.   

They were also less likely to pass on the cold to family members or to resort to taking medicines from a pharmacy, compared to people who did not gargle. 

The Edinburgh team, whose original study included a different type of coronavirus, think the saltwater could boost the body’s natural virus-fighting mechanisms, which are triggered when they get ill. ”

Trump accidentally gets one right 

”Salt may also be soaked up and used by the body’s cells to create a chemical called hypochlorous acid which is found in bleach and known to kill viruses, the researchers said.”

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