It seems there are two subtypes of the coronavirus causing Covid-19. Short (S) and Long (L)70% of all infections are subtype S. S seems to be the most severe variant and victims all victims shed virus for up to 20 days. With S, the longer the disease stays, the worse the outcome.
Type L victims, as a group, have less severe symptoms but shed virus for up to 49 days. Type L appear to have established a stasis with the human body and can only be killed by injecting antigens extracted from the blood of recovered victims.

To sum it up, there are people walking around with mild symptoms shedding virus for possibly 20 to 49 days. We know this from countries that tested their entire population and were able to identify ‘shedders’. Without comprehensive testing, and retesting, we have no clue as to what’s out there but we can be sure there are a lot of people in the wild unknowingly shedding virus. [Should I tell you now that shedded virus remain in a confined space for quite a long time. Screw six feet, make it six hours.]

Back to the good news.
This is why it is essential to have EVERYONE stay at home at the same time. Stepping out of the infection chain “flattens the curve” – and culls the herd so to speak – but in other regions there are super-spreaders expanding the number of those carrying the virus and, while still culling the herd, are increasing their own numbers while we wait – to step outside. When we walk out, this increased number of survivors will be out there hidden, waiting, and can only be seen by testing EVERYONE.

Ok I lied. There isn’t any good news. And this ain’t an April Fools joke.
Well there is actually a little bit of good news. “ British American Tobacco (BAT) has said it has made a “significant breakthrough” on a potential vaccine for COVID-19 using tobacco plants.

The company, which makes Lucky Strike cigarettes, announced on Wednesday that its U.S. biotech unit Kentucky BioProcessing (KBP), based in Owensboro, Kentucky, was working on the development of the vaccine on a not-for-profit basis.

The company said in a news release that it could produce between 1 million and 3 million doses per week starting in June with backing from the partners and government agencies.

KBP recently cloned a portion of COVID-19’s genetic sequence to create an antigen, which induce an immune response in the body and produce antibodies, BAT said. “

– Newsweek

Now don’t you feel bad for having tarred and feathered them earlier.
Buy “Luck Strikes”;“ Smoke ‘um if you got ‘um. “
My penance.