Report: What Does COVID-19 Recovery Actually Look Like?

An Analysis of the Prolonged COVID-19 Symptoms Survey by Patient-Led Research Team

[FD: A well constructed study, designed and analysed by COVID-19 patients with long-term symptoms. One of the most comprehensive lists from people that know, excelently analyzed by people that understand data. It also offers a view of the shortcomings of the medical establishment in addressing long term symptoms.]

The goal of this research is to capture and share a bigger picture of the experiences of patients suffering from COVID-19 with prolonged symptoms using a data driven approach. The survey content and research analysis are “patient-centric,” conducted through participatory type research. Survey questions and symptoms were aggregated and curated by patients themselves with expertise in research and survey design. Analysis was also conducted by patients themselves with expertise in both quantitative and qualitative data analysis. This approach is especially important for COVID-19 because patients experiencing symptoms are in need of timely research and content relevant to them that is not currently available due to the novelty of this virus.

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