Quack cure or Covid hope? Six things you can buy in the shops that scientists believe could protect against severe coronavirus infection

  • Various studies have looked at the role of different foods in preventing severe Covid-19 infection
  • These include seaweed and grapefruit-based nasal sprays, dark chocolate, tuna and kefir 
  • MailOnline looks at pieces of research which claim items that can be bought in a supermarket or shop can help fight the pandemic 


A vaccine is being rolled out and potential treatments are being trialled to see if they can cure Covid, but for the foreseeable future, coronavirus will remain a menace to society.  As a result, scientists are still searching for ways in which members of the general public can reduce their risk of infection and prevent severe symptoms if they do get infected. 

One avenue being explored by academics is the role of food science and nutrition, with scientific trials and studies finding various supermarket items may be able to help in the fight against coronavirus. 

MailOnline looks at six items which can be bought in your local supermarket that have been found, by various teams of experts, to be beneficial in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.  


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