A 2018 court ruling ordered the administration to supply private search organizations with the records on the parents of detained children – they just forgot to include the addresses and phone numbers

After President-elect Biden announced finding the parents of detained children would be a high priority, the administration announced they would give addition information to the groups currently searching – the address and phone numbers of the families. I guess two years ago, they didn’t think that would help the search.

[Admin – In 2018, the Immigration Department said they were not able to return children separated from their parents. A court ruling ordered the Department to supply the information they did have to the ACLU and other agencies wishing to initiate searches for their parents. As of this date the parents of 628 children have yet to be found. ]


Parents of 628 migrant children separated at border still have not been found, court filing says

By Priscilla Alvarez, CNN

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