Men with longer ring fingers face a lower risk of dying from Covid-19

I can’t pass this one up, because it’s most likely true.  There have been many 2D:4D studies of finger length correlations (see bottom of article).  These variances are thought to be function of differences in the levels of  testosterone in the womb. 

The article has a misstatement that was probably introduced by the author.  The hand associated with the ring finger is dependent on the country.  In Scandinavian countries as well as Germany and Russia, the ‘ring finger’ is the right hand.   I’m sure none of the researchers used the term ‘ring finger’.  This may have resulted in a misstatement of the Russian study’s findings.  They actually used the right hand.  

Fabricating an entire human being in nine months is amazing enough, so who are we to second guess how separate parts are made and why.  Variances are evolutionary experiments of which we will never know the conclusion.