It has begun: Rationing Care in American Hospitals

Statement to patients and their families:

If we reach a point where our hospital faces a shortage that will affect ability to care for all patients, a team including doctors, a community member, a Bioethicist (who has expertise in the ethics surrounding healthcare) will review the cases of all patients who are critically ill. This team will make necessary decisions about allocating limited medical resources based on the best medical information possible and will use the same decision criteria that is being used nationally and throughout California on all patient cases. This team will be given no information about patient’s race, ethnicity, gender, sexual identity, religion, citizenship, insurance, or any other information unrelated to the patient’s health.

If a patient becomes ill and the doctor believe the patient needs extra care and ICU or need mechanical ventilation (breathing machine), the case will be reviewed, along with other patient cases, to determine how these resources should be shared throughout the hospital.
If a patient becomes extremely sick and very unlikely to survive his /her illness (even with life-saving treatment) – limited medical resources may go to treat other patients who are more likely to survive.
– Huntington Hospital, Pasadena, CA

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