Dream City Mega-Church’s SARS-CoV-2 Killing Machine

I’m sorry, but I have to follow up on this miracle device that can kill 99+% of SARS-CoV-2 in ten minutes and one helping to make President Trump’s newest rally,” the biggest rally ever seen in America.” Well, the second biggest, and a true statement if one adjusts the timeframe. Since the pandemic reached America, there has been no sizeable indoor gathering anywhere in the country, as the risk to the participants is considered too high. Of course, the exception to that decision is President Trump’s Tulsa and now Dream City Church rally. 

The product I mentioned earlier is called the IONair 7000, an ionization/Ozonator disinfecting system. They market their product as a residential air cleaner – removing dust, pollen, and other allergies. They advertise their product removing 99% of the contaminants mentioned above. The IONaer 7000 works by using electrostatic filtration and ozonation. (they also claim they have ozone filters to remove atmospheric ozone.) To be honest, at first, I couldn’t decide if there was criminal intent, or they simply didn’t understand how the 7000 worked. That decision was easily made after reading their outside testing lab results. Only stupid people would put these test results online.

In summary, the test unit’s particle removal efficiency was performed in a 900 sq.ft. (8,100 cu.ft.) room. Their ’killing pathogens in 10 minutes test’ was performed in a laboratory ‘glovebox,’ which at best is maybe ten cu.ft. in size. In that small of a space, the ozone would kill anything. There are other tests for occupant safety, but those are the standardized ones used for any device. 

While homeowners wouldn’t read the test results, a commercial building operator would, and of course, throw them out of their building. Their only positive commercial testimonial is from a Doctor who put one in his office. 
The scariest thing I encountered today was a video of the people in the church’s auditorium. There was hardly a mask in sight, possibly because of the belief in the miracle device the church installed.  And this, on the day when AZ reached another record level of daily new cases – 3,500. That was a 500 case increase over the previous day, and that one was a 500 case increase over its predecessor.

There are so many states competing to be the next center of the COVID-19 epidemic, it’s hard to handicap them all.  AZ is a strong contender, but FL is trying to stay in the race. An earlier contender, CA, is still in the race but may have lost that competitiveness needed to win. They are using a fleet of helicopters and planes to ferry critically ill patients to any ICU unit in the state that has available space

Stay Safe