China’s first COVID-19 vaccine made from insect cells approved for clinical trials

Source: Global Times Published: 2020/8/22 21:12:14

“China’s first recombinant protein COVID-19 vaccine made from insect cells has been approved for clinical trials by the National Medical Products Administration, media reported on Saturday. 

Developed by the State Key Laboratory of Biological Therapy of Sichuan University affiliated West China Hospital, the vaccine uses insect cells to multiply in the culture medium and introduces the gene of COVID-19 into insect cells, which means the cell can be used as a factory to produce high-quality recombinant vaccine proteins and purify them for refinement.

The vaccine was tested on monkeys and other animals, and was found to have a good protective effect against COVID-19 infection, with no obvious side effects. The technology is expected to make it simple to quickly bring a vaccine to the market with mass production, reported.

The safety of using insects to produce recombinant protein vaccines has been demonstrated by the successful development and marketing of cervical cancer and influenza vaccines in Europe and the US, media reported. “

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