Children without COVID-19 symptoms may spread the virus for up to THREE weeks, study finds

  • Researchers looked at 91 children with confirmed COVID-19 cases in South Korea
  • About 22% were asymptomatic while the remaining 78% either had symptoms when they were tested or developed them after diagnosis
  • On average, the coronavirus was detected in throats and noses of asymptomatic children for 14.1 days and in symptomatic children for 17.6 days
  • At least one-fifth of patients without symptoms and half of those with symptoms were still shedding the virus at the three-week mark 
  • This could mean that undetected child cases are silently spreading the virus within their communities  


PUBLISHED: 11:00 EDT, 28 August 2020 | UPDATED: 11:33 EDT, 28 August 2020

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