Asclepius Meditec develops hydrogen-oxygen nebulizer to tackle COVID-19

By Elise Mak, April 14, 2020

BEIJING – Med-tech firm Shanghai Asclepius Meditec Co. Ltd. says it has developed a hydrogen-oxygen nebulizer that can help relieve the shortage of ventilators, highlighting the potential of hydrogen-oxygen therapy in tackling COVID-19.

Named the AMS-H-03, this class III medical respiratory device can produce three liters of mixed gas containing hydrogen and oxygen by using water electrolysis and can run continuously for 24 hours, according to the company.

“The hydrogen-oxygen generator with nebulizer electrolyzes water into 66% hydrogen gas and 33% oxygen gas, with a flow rate of 3L/min, which is an upgrade on a normal ventilator,” Asclepius’ project manager Peggy Lai told BioWorld.

The device can be used alone or in combination via a trident joint. It can also be used in parallel with oxygen pipelines, invasive ventilators and noninvasive ventilators in hospitals.

In 2011, Asclepius began to study the treatment of various chronic diseases and tumors by letting patients inhale a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen.

The hydrogen-oxygen nebulizer was developed back in 2015. The company said the device has shown positive clinical results in the treatment for patients with acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or airway stenosis caused by bronchiectasis in a four-year human trial.

Now, Asclepius believes the hydrogen-oxygen nebulizer, which has been used to treat patients with mild to severe symptoms, could become one of the most vital adjuvant therapies for COVID-19.

Lai said 400 patients using this device have been evaluated across 20 hospitals in China. Among them, 259 COVID-19 patients were analyzed at three stages, namely admission to hospital, before treatment with hydrogen-oxygen nebulizers and after treatment with the device.

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