A Covid-19 support group that has gone the extra mile

[FD: A ’novel’ disease leaves both medical professionals and patients looking for answers. Body Politic support group gives patients a forum to connect with others and through Patient-Led Research, provide medical professionals with quantitative reports on long term patient’s experience.]

When members of our team fell ill in March, we relied on each other for emotional support. In creating the COVID-19 support group, we wanted to provide others with that same opportunity to feel connected and supported through infection, symptoms, and recovery. As we continue to navigate the healing process, we could not be more grateful for the support group. It’s been beautiful to watch others struggling with COVID-19 find community amidst isolation, affirm each other’s experiences, and talk one another through tough nights. The group continues to be a source of strength and light in our lives, and we want to sincerely thank everyone who has been a part of this incredible community.  

To support and learn more about Patient Led Research, a team that was formed in our group, click here.

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