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Project-based learning deepens science knowledge for 3rd graders in Michigan

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A hologram face, a robot voice… how special effects helped me cheat death: Trapped in his own body by a cruel disease, PETER SCOTT-MORGAN pushed science and doctors to the limit, as the final part of his electrifying memoir reveals

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The secret to a long life? Genetic treatment that extends the lifespan of flies by 9% and prevents Alzheimer’s is developed by scientists

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Strange microbe “breathes” nitrates using a mitochondria-like symbiont

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New spherical nucleic acid ‘drug’ kills tumor cells in humans with glioblastoma

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It really IS a ‘runner’s high’: the body’s own cannabis-like chemicals – NOT endorphins – produced during exercise create the ‘good vibes’ after a jog, study finds

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Examining how primates make vowel sounds pushes timeline for speech evolution back by 27 million years

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Citizen scientists are filling research gaps created by the pandemic

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New evidence for a human magnetic sense that lets your brain detect the Earth’s magnetic field

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Scientists Shocked to Discover Alien Four-stranded DNA in Humans!