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More mass shootings are happening at grocery stores – 13% of shooters are motivated by racial hatred, criminologists find

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Contraception should be illegal!’  Female Trump-backed Michigan state Senate candidate says she will outlaw contraceptives if elected

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Unplanned pregnancies nearly doubled during lockdown

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What you need to know about the Defense Production Act – the 1950s law Biden invoked to try to end the baby formula shortage

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Republicans aren’t even bothering to lie about it anymore. They are now coming for birth control

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Miss. governor doesn’t rule out banning contraception if Roe falls

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How Roe v. Wade changed the lives of American women

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Abortion pills are safe to prescribe without in-person exams, new research finds

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BREAKING: Supreme Court votes to END Roe v Wade in draft opinion by Justice Samuel Alito that calls the 1973 decision ‘egregiously wrong from the start’

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The One Way History Shows Trump’s Personality Cult Will End