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Supplements for brain health show no benefit – a neurologist explains a new study

Steven DeKosky, University of Florida Americans and others around the world have turned increasingly to dietary supplements in order to maintain or preserve their brain…

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7 science-based strategies to boost your willpower and succeed with your New Year’s resolutions

Jelena Kecmanovic, Georgetown University It’s that time of year when people make their New Year’s resolutions – indeed, 93% of people set them, according to…

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Ack! I need chocolate! The science of PMS food cravings

Sara Twogood, University of Southern California Premenstrual food cravings are the punchline of endless jokes. Like most good jokes, they’re funny because they’re true. Certain…

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One in six Americans could go hungry in 2020 as pandemic persists

National Geographic Magazine (Published November 24, 2020) BY NINA STROCHLIC With the holidays nearing, miles-long food lines are a hint at how hunger in America could…

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