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The pandemic is changing the way young people eat and how they feel about their bodies: 4 essential reads

Kate Kilpatrick, The Conversation Kids, like adults, cope with stress and anxiety in many different ways. For example, while some children reach for more snacks…

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Why We Post Articles on Hydrogen

I’m a scientist at heart, and friends are always sending me snail mail, emails, and points to websites praising some product that purports to increase…

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Lyme disease protection: No vaccine yet, but an antibody shot could soon provide a season of immunity

Mark Klempner, UMass Chan Medical School Lyme disease has become an insidious epidemic in the United States. Caused by bacteria transmitted through the bite of…

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A drug that can stop tumors from growing

by Greg Glasgow,  CU Anschutz Medical Campus Cancer doctors may soon have a new tool for treating melanoma and other types of cancer, thanks to work…

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Five questions: What parents should know about concussions

by Erin Digitale,  Stanford University Medical Center Stanford pediatric emergency medicine physician Angela Lumba-Brown, MD, explains what families should know about new CDC guidelines on the…

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A lab-stage mRNA vaccine targeting ticks may offer protection against Lyme and other tick-borne diseases6

Andaleeb Sajid, National Institutes of Health The Research Brief is a short take about interesting academic work. The big idea A new laboratory-stage mRNA vaccine…

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Study: Aerobic exercise after a sport-related concussion speeds recovery in adolescent athletes

by  University at Buffalo Adolescents can speed their recovery after a sport-related concussion and reduce their risk of experiencing protracted recovery if they engage in aerobic…

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Need for new cochlear implant design for localizing sound directions

by  City University of Hong Kong Cochlear implants help deaf patients in hearing, yet the current technology remains far from perfect. A research team led by…

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Paralyzed mice are able to WALK AGAIN within four weeks following breakthrough treatment to rebuild spinal fluid cells, researchers say

The team of scientists behind the newly-published research hope to approach the Food and Drug Administration as early as next year for human trials  The…

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Healthy guts are swarming with bugs, so what do they do?

Robert Moore, RMIT University Our gut does more than help us digest food; the bacteria that call our intestines home have been implicated in everything…

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