Here’s all the buzz about honeybees

The practice of beekeeping is many thousands of years old. Here’s what beekeepers and scientists have learned about these special insects. 

Honeybees produce several products that are useful to people, notably honey and beeswax. There is a saying among beekeepers: “With a bee, you can use everything but the buzz,” said Sue Garing, a commercial beekeeper who owns and operates a honey business in Kirkwood, New York. 

Honeybees also provide a valuable service by pollinating flowers as they forage, thus helping wildflowers reproduce and helping farms yield more and better produce. Many common agricultural crops require pollination in order to bear fruit or improve the quality of the fruit. “If you have beehives [nearby], you have better fruit,” Garing told Live Science; she first acquired honeybees to help her fruit trees in upstate New York. 

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