Bees are a democratic society that makes major decisions by a unanimous vote amongst their elders

When a beehive becomes crowded, the queen leaves the hive, taking one-half of the hive’s bee population. Upon leaving, the bees immediately cluster in a nearby tree while scouts search for a new home. Scout bees identify possible locations and, after a vigorous debate, select the new home by a unanimous vote.

What we can learn from the bees.

by-Tony Harris

“This model of democracy is discussed by Tom Seeley in his excellent book, Honeybee Democracy, and he goes further than that stating that there are lessons we humans can learn from the bees in our decision-making groups.

If you have ever served on a committee you will know that it can be frustrating at times!  With all those human egos present many of us have put our foot in it and said the wrong thing at times so any help we can get from our bees is most welcome in my mind!”

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