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Republicans aren’t even bothering to lie about it anymore. They are now coming for birth control

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Miss. governor doesn’t rule out banning contraception if Roe falls

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That’s claw-some! Scientist teaches his pet RATS how to play the video game Doom including navigating through mazes and shooting monsters – confirming the animals are ‘incredibly smart’

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New eye drops can help aging people see better – an optometrist explains how Vuity treats presbyopia

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Corals and sea anemones turn sunscreen into toxins – understanding how could help save coral reefs

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Disruptive kindergartners are likely to be bullied later in elementary school

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How Roe v. Wade changed the lives of American women

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‘You never forget it’: These are the stories of life before Roe v. Wade transformed America 

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Abortion pills are safe to prescribe without in-person exams, new research finds

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Older men with high body-mass index have more sperm cell irregularities