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Fish sprouted fingers before they ventured onto land, fossil shows

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Pfizer study used just THREE children to prove it works and Moderna admits it is only 37% effective: ‘We should just assume we don’t have efficacy data’

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Is milk good for your teeth?

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At last, COVID-19 shots for little kids – 5 essential reads

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Jesus’ earthly dad, St. Joseph – often overlooked – is honored by Father’s Day in many Catholic nations

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Study discovers cause of many preterm births

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How do drugs know where to go in the body? A pharmaceutical scientist explains why some medications are swallowed while others are injected

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Australian bee sting vaccine trial holds promise against allergic reactions

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Babies don’t come with instruction manuals, so here are 5 tips for picking a parenting book

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The Collapse of an Atlantic Ocean Current Would Ripple Across The World, Says Study