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1 in 3 college students face food insecurity – expanding SNAP benefits on campus will help stave off hunger

Anastasia Snelling, American University and Rebecca Hagedorn, Meredith College It’s harder to learn when you are suffering from hunger or searching for your next meal….

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An interactive visual database for American Sign Language reveals how signs are organized in the mind

Zed Sevcikova Sehyr, San Diego State University; Ariel Golderg, Tufts University; Karen Emmorey, San Diego State University, and Naomi Caselli, Boston University “Desire” and “still”…

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Technology innovation gives government leverage to drive down emissions fast – here’s how

Jessika E. Trancik, Massachusetts Institute of Technology To avert the worst effects of climate change, global greenhouse gas emissions should fall at faster rates than…

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Here’s how to help your kids break out of their pandemic bubble and transition back to being with others

Dominique A. Phillips, University of Miami and Jill Ehrenreich-May, University of Miami Pilar’s parents took all the recommended precautions to shield her from the dangers…

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At what age are people usually happiest? New research offers surprising clues

Clare Mehta, Emmanuel College If you could be one age for the rest of your life, what would it be? Would you choose to be…

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ADHD and autism associated with in utero heavy metals and essential minerals

by  Norwegian Institute of Public Health Levels of the heavy metals cadmium, lead, and arsenic and the essential mineral manganese, measured in maternal blood during pregnancy,…

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Here’s all the buzz about honeybees

By Greg Uyeno – Staff Writer November 13, 2020 The practice of beekeeping is many thousands of years old. Here’s what beekeepers and scientists have learned about these special…

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A laser equipped robotic guide dog to lead people who are visually impaired

by Bob Yirka , Tech Xplore A small team of researchers at the University of California, Berkeley has developed a robot dog to help in…

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Study links prenatal phthalate exposure to altered information processing in infants

by Diana Yates,  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Exposure to phthalates, a class of chemicals widely used in packaging and consumer products, is known to interfere…

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Supportive partners protect relationship quality in people with depression or stress

by  University of Massachusetts Amherst Having a responsive, supportive partner minimizes the negative impacts of an individual’s depression or external stress on their romantic relationship, according…

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