About Fairy Dell Farms


Beehive with PV panels
Beehive with B-lexa

Fairy Dell Farms is a micro-farm using Kratky Method hydroponics, a passive, ultra-low maintenance technique pioneered by B. A. Kratky, and raised beds adhering to ‘square foot’ gardening protocols.

Added to the mix is a small apiary whose behavior is monitored 24/7 using microcomputer data collectors. The collected data includes hive weights and temperature profiles of the hives. Also, audio recordings are used to listen-in on hive conversations (bee communication sounds). Video cameras show activity at a hive’s entrance.

The blog content is here because I own the URL and can put it here. Its intended audience is friends and relatives that ask questions – I answer them here. You are always welcome; bookmark it for return visits if you like; tell your friends about it. I’m continually broadening the range of content. As you may have noticed, there isn’t much farm stuff beyond beekeeping, but there will be in the future.

I highlight lesser-known acts or words that demonstrate their callous disregard for human decency or lay bare their greed for financial gain or absolute power. I let you, the reader, use facts to guide your opinion.

There may be blog post presenting medical conditions and possible cures. I offer the standard disclaimer. Don’t use these entries in an attempt to diagnose a possible disease you may have or take any drug or supplement without the advice of an appropriate professional – which I am not.

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