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UN warns Earth ‘firmly on track toward an unlivable world’

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Why We Post Articles on Hydrogen

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A little ray of sunshine! Social media users share the charming and unexpected moments that brightened their day – including a ‘dog library’ full of sticks

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Researchers discover a novel approach that could lead to the treatment of devastating brain tumors

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Electronic tongue allows for the fast, cheap detection of adulterated honey

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Beyond flora and fauna: Why it’s time to include fungi in global conservation goals

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Contraception should be illegal!’  Female Trump-backed Michigan state Senate candidate says she will outlaw contraceptives if elected

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What is fake honey and why didn’t the official tests pick it up?

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Growing plant trade may spread invasive species but also help ecosystems adapt to climate change

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Farm vehicles now weigh almost as much as heaviest dinosaurs – here’s why that’s a problem

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The secret drivers of tree growth

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Baby oysters follow the crackling sound of snapping shrimp