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Why We Post Articles on Hydrogen

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Supreme Court overturns Roe, upends 50 years of abortion rights: 5 essential reads on what happens next

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AR-15 Bullets Were Made to Explode in the Human Body. In Uvalde, the Bodies Belonged to Children.

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Where Abortion Stands by State – With and Without Roe

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Did the assault weapons ban of 1994 bring down mass shootings? Here’s what the data tells us

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The Moonies have gone ballistic -literally

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Comparison of status quo with universal health care suggests 330,000 in US died needlessly during pandemic

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Vegan diet better for weight loss and cholesterol control than Mediterranean diet: study

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JUNE 24, 2022

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Pregnant women produce super antibodies to protect newborns, now scientists know how

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Developmental dyslexia essential to human adaptive success, study argues