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AR-15 Bullets Were Made to Explode in the Human Body. In [School Name], the Bodies Belonged to Children.

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Can highly superior autobiographic memory enhance creativity?

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Epidurals during childbirth: What women should know

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You Should Use ChatGPT for These Mundane Tasks

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Man claims ChatGPT SAVED his dog’s life after vet couldn’t figure out what caused its anemia…but AI diagnosed Sassy the Border Collie in minutes

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Netflix users discover ‘secret menu’ that has hundreds of hidden movies and shows – here’s how to unlock them now

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3D-printing the brain’s blood vessels with silicone could improve and personalize neurosurgery – new technique shows how

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Honeybee lifespan could be half what it was 50 years ago – new study

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Brain shortcuts may be partially to blame for vaccine and mask non-compliance

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Which came first: the chicken or the egg?

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Brain structural differences observed in children with conduct disorder with and without childhood maltreatment